Eclectic Style & Atmosphere

FUSION: “The merging of different elements into a purposeful union.” Come by the “Gnarly” and experience “Our Fusion”….the blending of an intriguing atmosphere, talented people and international flavors! End result, a memorable and enjoyable experience that you will find addicting!


Cuisine From Around The World

At the “Gnarly’ we have amalgamated a delectable selection of dishes from ten different countries and several states in the USA. This unique array of “Flavors” is sure to scintillate your palate, enrich your spirit and conversation.


Great Quality & Attentive Service

Pleasing your palate and visually stimulating your senses is only the beginning! Our friendly and attentive staff will listen to you, professionally serve you and insure that your experience is beyond the “Gnarliest” of expectations. Come join the FUN!